• November 17 ,2017

Get Wedding Ready | New Delhi Shopping Guide

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? We're back with another post and this time, it's about one of the most fun times of the year. We all know India has it's own unique season - the wedding season! So I thought we could chat about it, and talk about our favourite places to shop. If you have a close friend or family member getting married, or you're the bride to be, I hope this will be helpful for you! I've also tried to create my perfect wedding look, which is great for wedding guests and brides to be alike! 

Delhi has so many different markets to shop at, and each of these have something unique about them. Depending on what you're looking for, you'll find something perfect for you, in one (or ALL) of these!

Defence Colony

A must visit on every bride’s shopping list is the Defence Colony market in South Delhi. From boutiques to multi - storeyed stores and the best known Indian designers, it's all here. You’ll be able to find an outfit for every function, because of the huge variety on display.
If you want to go for simple and elegant classics, Ekaya is a must visit! Luxurious banarasi saris and lehengas in so many different variations, from simple to embellished are available here.

Famous bridal designers such as Anju Modi, JJ Valaya, Rohit Bal and Tarun Tahiliani all have stores here, and will be there to help you find the perfect fit; Be it regal sophistication or quirky and experimental.
The market is easily accessible by road, and is just an overhead bridge away from the Lajpat Nagar metro station.

Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat has only recently become one of Delhi’s favourite bridal shopping destinations, because of the many new designers who’ve set up shop here. The winding, colourful lanes and vintage feel of this market will create a unique shopping experience for you.

The Fashion Street in Shahpur Jat is where most of the boutiques are, and you’ll probably find a completely unique outfit for yourself in one of the stores, and get some inspiration for your bridesmaid outfits well! 

These boutiques also stock accessories and footwear, so be on the lookout for those as well!
Wearing your outfit with a pair of embellished juttis would be the perfect way to stand out, be comfortable and most importantly, dance all day! If you love this idea, Needle Dust is definitely a store you need to head to.

This market is near Green Park and while you can get there by car, parking might be an issue. So take a cab, or get off at Green Park metro station - the market is about a 20 minute walking distance from here!

South Ex

South Ex is once again, a wedding shopper’s paradise! This market is home to the most famous bridal stores in Delhi - Frontier Raas and Ushnaq Man Moolchand.

The market is basically a designer hub, with a huge Ritu Kumar store, and a Pakistan Fashion Design Council outlet if you’re looking for some beautiful shararas with a twist! Apart from these, the multi - designer store Aza, that stocks the best in the business - Anita Dongre, Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, Gaurav Gupta, JJ Valaya and so many more. 
A lot of other famous stores such as Meena Bazaar, Nalli, Heritage and Roop Sarees are based in South Ex market as well. 
From simple suits and saris to heavily embellished gowns and lehengas, whatever you need is here - you just need to explore!

The market is divided into two parts, 1 & 2 which are connected through a foot bridge.
South Extension is again, accessible by road and is about a 2 km distance from INA Metro Station.

Hauz Khas Village

One of the most famous spots in DelhI! Hauz Khas is not just home to the best restaurants and cafes, but is bridal paradise! It’s home to the multi - designer Ogaan, one of the most loved designer outlets in New Delhi. If you love florals and fluid outfits, visit the Anushree Reddy store in this market, and you’re sure to fall in love. 
The USP of this market though, is the many little boutiques scattered all over, so take your time to explore every corner!
The market is accessible by road, parking is convenient. It is also very close to Hauz Khas metro station.

And finally, coming to the wedding look I put together, here it goes!

Outfit: Richa Chaudhary (Hauz Khas)
Make Up: Gouri Kumar
Photography: Abhishek Sachdeva

Let me know how you liked this look, and what other wedding related posts you'd like to see!

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