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Hey, loves! 


Hope everyone is doing good. I'm back again with another post. Quick update: I started working out this month and have received so many questions about my diet and routine so get ready to see a post super soon. 


For today's post, I collaborated with Reliance trends to show you guys how I style three different looks and I made it even more interesting by restricting myself to only 3500 Rs. So I had a challenge to shop under this amount and create three different looks. Reliance trends recently launched their website and every product is awesome that I was so confused while ordering. 

I'll be linking all the products at the end so you guys can directly buy it from their. Also, I made sure to order stuff which I can style differently every time. So it's a win win. 🙆🏻


For the first look, I wore this white embroidered kurta with cream coloured palazzo pants. I added tons of silver jewelry. To complete the look I styled it with some black aviators and black embroidered boots and I was good to go. 

Hint hint: This might be my favorite look out of the three. 




For the second look, I styled this yellow printed Kurta which I ordered from their website. Summer is here and yellow sure adds that much needed summer upgrade to your wardrobe, so make sure you've some colorful pieces. This look is super easy breezy. I paired this printed Kurta with the same palazzos which I wore in the first look, see, I told you guys I ordered staple pieces which can be styled differently. Then to complete the look I paired it with some orange vintage sunglasses and the star of the show a septum ring and that completes my second look. 




For the third look, because I had already styled two ethnic looks I decided to switch things up. I wore this tribal printed romper and paired it a yellow clutch that I got from sarojini for just 100 Rs. I opened the buttons at the back and wore it as a off shoulder romper. 



So, I hope you guys like the post, and don't forget to checkout the reliance trends website for such cool finds and if you happen to recreate any of the looks, don't forget to tag me in your picture. 

Until next time,

Xoxo #Bohogirlies

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04-Feb-2017 12:17:39 AM

Hi Kritika (ThatBohoGirl) I am taking the liberty to reach out to your directly and apologize for the same. At the onset I would like congratulate you for what you have achieved by far in the content space. We are part of the fan club for sure and I think you bring a lot of class n style to the fashion industry. Just to brief you, I am cofounder of a startup called "Viuby" which is looking to disrupt the video commerce industry via content. Video will be 75% of the content being consumed over the internet as early as this year itself and we believe commerce + content will be the future way to shop which not only romanticizes shopping but also solves the problem of plenty in a very engaging way. As a background this is my & Sam (cofounder) this is our second venture and we successfully scaled our previous one from 3 founders to 400 employees, 150k + paying customers in 18 months straight. To cut the long story short, we would like to meet you if possible and discuss if there are some synergies that we can explore which are mutually beneficial to both. We are striving to become one of the hottest video content + commerce platform in next 12 months. We are a funded startup and based out of Chatarpur, Delhi. Let me know if we can get on a call and have a chat.

apoorva pradhan
30-Mar-2017 10:44:42 AM

hey i love everything about u .u r just amazing and u give such major fashion goals.😊

Ridhi Suhala
27-Apr-2017 10:27:26 AM

You are The Most Amazing Person I Have Come Across I JUST love you Diduuuuuuu ..!!! ❤❤❤❤

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