How to be your own anchor

How to Be Your Own Anchor

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Why are we always running and waiting for the next big thing?

Not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling this way for some time now and I thought I’ll share my random mind shenanigans with you guys.

I still remember when I was young, all I wanted was to make my parents proud and inspire people so that they don’t feel the same way I did then. And fast forward to almost 7 years later, I’ve everything that I wanted and maybe even more. So what’s the issue?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m super blessed and grateful for everything that I have but now there are so many other things that I’ve to think about.
The social media pressure gets on you sometimes and there are times when even for a day if I’m sitting idle, my brain tricks me into feeling guilty. There’s a constant pressure of creating something new, interesting, and fun which sometimes makes you not enjoy the present moment fully.

I know there must’ve been so many times when you guys must have felt the same way, seeing a person’s story and comparing your life to them, and boom you’re in a black hole! 5 minutes back you were happy and now, all of a sudden sad you’re sad.
You see, comparison kills everything. It makes you compare your backstage moments to everyone’s highlights which is so wrong.

And I’ve realized that it’s okay to feel things and it’s okay to feel down at times, it’s the “OMG, why am I sad” that makes you overthink. Allow yourself to feel things, allow yourself to take a day off, and allow yourself to just rest and enjoy.
ALLOW yourself to be HAPPY. Because YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

So, if you’re going through one of those days and don’t know which way to go or you’re going through that phase where you’re tired of comparing your life to every single person on your friend list –
BREATHE. You’re so perfect and so amazing that you don’t even know that. No! You don’t look like that person – So what? You are you and I’m sure you can do some amazing things which that x person can’t do, even if you don’t have it figured out yet.

Get yourself out there. Let’s take today, I was going through that black hole but I decided instead to write this post which indeed makes me happy and maybe will help some of you guys too. Find your thing! Find what makes you alive. Maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s singing, maybe it’s cooking, fashion, painting, writing, reading, or whatever.

For me, it’s encouraging you guys and seeing a smile on your face because of me. It’s that one moment when I meet you guys and you say that I’ve changed your life, that my words motivated you to do better and that you love your body now because of my words and little motivational sessions on Snapchat.

It’s the time that I spend with my family, laughing and goofing around. And as they say, It’s the little things in life. Don’t complicate your life. You’ve so many amazing things which you take granted for – just like the phone, you’re reading this on or laptop or home while there are so many people struggling for food and shelter.

Be grateful and I promise amazing things will happen.

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